Pet Turf

Choosing just the right synthetic grass for your pet requires working with a company that truly understands artificial turf application and also how pets engage with this unique product. Our Turf Grass system ensures
that you and your pets will enjoy your synthetic grass for many years to come. Starting with a proper installation of your chosen turf, you will be sure to gain maximum drainage of pet waste, which will help you
avoid an unpleasant experience with your turf. We also use an Odor Control Infill System that controls common pet odors. You and your pet will enjoy your new synthetic turf space, that is durable, easy to clean, and soft.
Synthetic Grass for Pet Enclosures and Kennels

NorCal Easy Green Artificial Grass for Dog Runs are the result of years of research and development.
NorCal Easy Green Grass is the ultimate solution for dogs’ urine, digging and playing destroying your natural grass year after year.

Most importantly, NorCal Easy Green Grass for dog runs will not irritate your pet’s paws unlike cement or pea gravel. Most dogs instantly gravitate towards NorCal Easy Green Grass, we’ve had to clean up our synthetic grass section of our showroom on occasion when we’ve had a canine guest! NorCal Easy Green has many grass styles, sub-bases and drainage systems for both residential and commercial dog run areas.Don’t be fooled by other artificial turf companies that advertise the elimination of pet odors with overpriced anti-microbial agents built into the turf yarn. Pet urine always leaves bacteria behind that will proliferate if left untreated, with or without built-in anti-microbial agents. We offer a couple of options for odor control. Our Odor Eradicator enzyme spray actually eats the odor-causing bacteria from pet waste, eliminating odors generated by the family dog or even hundreds of dogs at a doggy day care center! Our new Pet Deodorizer Infill is a more permanent and maintenance free option, call our specialists to find out more: (707)972-1902

NorCal Easy Green Grass for Dog Runs – The Perfect Dog/Urine Yard Solution!

The higher the number in the product name, the denser the grass. NorCal Easy Green Synthetic comes with a heavy-duty, polyurethane backing unless otherwise noted.


  • Fescue 61
  • Fescue 81
  • Kool 75
  • Fescue Lawn 70*
  • Fescue Short 70**
  • Fescue Green 61
  • Short 49
  • Kool 42
  • Fescue Real 41
  • Fescue 41
  • NorCal Value Turf
  • NorCal Dog Litter Box


  • Colors of ProGreen Lawns:
  • Fescue
  • Field
  • Lawn
  • Primavera
  • Real
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